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You can easily go through the registration process in a few step to be able to access all the features and use the application to its full potential.
Upon setting up your profile, the information you provided us with will help determine your daily intake values and get you started!
We encourage you to update your measurements weekly -or even daily- to keep track of your progress and changes in body related indexes.

Entering Bites: For example:15 bites of a ham, lettuce and tomato sandwich for lunch could be broken into: 3 bites of ham (Meat), 2 bites of lettuce and 2 bites of tomato (Vegetables), 9 bites of bread (Grains), 1 bite of any spread such as butter, margarine etc. (Dairy/Bites). Plus,6 bites of a slice of chocolate cake would be entered as Sweets. Total bites for lunch = 21. However, you can also choose to enter them only as Bites, if you prefer not to break them up into food groups.

Tapping the screen By tapping on the relevant food groups, you can enter them as you eat. Depending on the food you are eating, whether it is a salad, bowl of pasta or a packet of chips, each time you take a bite, register them by tapping on the screen If you decide to use it more simple, just leave the application in 'Simple mode' and enter the Bites without caring about the food groups.

Weighing Food: To get a more accurate measurement of the foods you eat, we recommend measuring before you consume. For instance, an apple that weighs 150g will give you approximately 4 bites, even though you may consume the apple in 15 bites. We have given users this option to take into consideration the weight of foods and their calorie and water content. Certain foods, such as fruits and vegetables, are low in calories,have high water content andare packed with a range of vitamins and minerals. This is why weighing is an important factor, as 1 grape cannot be considered to be 1 bite because we would run out of our bites in no time.

Measuring liquids: To convert liquids such as a glass of milk, fruit juice or alcohol; using the mililitre option is the most accurate. By knowing how much you consume in mililitres, you only need to enter that and we will convert it into bites for you. The mililitre option can be found in the fruit, vegetable, alcohol or dairy food groups. We have provided a number of different options on how to enter Alcohol: bite ml g

Exercise: We have included the option of entering exercise because by entering how much exercise you have done, you can gain bite credits to add to your daily bite count. For instance, if you only have 10 bites left and you know you will be having dinner in a couple of hours, you can do exercise and give yourself “credit” bites which will all depend on the type and duration of the exercise you complete. By either choosing from our selection of default exercises from the list provided, or by entering your own custom exercises, you will earn bite credits.

Custom Exercise: You must first name the exercise, enter either calories burnt or bite credits earned in duration, distance or quantity of the exercise performed. For example: Name of exercise: Gym Calories burnt: 20 Duration: 5 min This example indicated that for every 5 minutes you workout in the gym, you would burn 20 calories on average, which over the course of a 45-minute workout could give you 180 calories. This would equate to approximately ~7 extra bites if your average calories per bite is 25.

Default Exercise: Choosing an exercise from the default list will provide you with the relevant calories burnt per minute, km or quantity (reps). Once the exercise is selected from the default list, it will be added to your custom exercise list. Select the exercise type from that list and edit the details of duration, distance or repetitions. The relevant bite credits will be displayed.

History: My Day is the page where you are able to modify entries and view statistics not only for Today but for previous days also. If you forget to enter your bites or exercise on any given day, you can swipe to the selected day and enter the missing data, or pick a Day directly by pressing the "Today" label. Furthermore, swipeing through your history can provide you with a good indication as to your progress so far.

History details: When entering your bites as you eat, it is important to consider the food group and the meal type as this will determine how you can view your history and see statistics about when, how much and what you ate. The application will select the mealtype based on the time of the day, but you can change that whenever you want.

Friends and sharing: Stay connected with your friends in-app by searching and adding them. You can share your foods, activities, and even your Days! Send your exercise directly to your trainer in a Message, or share the Bite value and a nice picture you've made about your lunch with all your Friends on the "Home" screen.

Entering Bites: Every time you take a bite of food, whether it is from a slice of cake or a sandwich, enter your bites while also taking into consideration the time of day, meal type and which food groups it belongs to. We encourage the consumption of a wide variety of foods from different food groups, in moderation. Therefore, we have provided you with the option of entering Dairy, Nuts and Seeds, Meats, Fruits, Grains, Vegetables, Sweets and Alcohol. Each food group has information regarding the types of foods included and serving sizes based on information sourced from the National Health and Medical Research Council, Australian Dietary Guidelines (2013). This information can be viewed by pressing the info “i” icon on either food group icon.

Other drinks: When entering drinks like hot chocolate, depending on how it is prepared, you can measure the milk in mililitres to Dairy and then the chocolate to Sweets. You do have to use your best judgment on some occasions, as you may not always know what is in a food or how much it weights if you do not prepare it yourself. Soft drinks/carbonated sweet drinks with no alcohol content are to be entered into Sweets and fruit juices into Fruits. To enter your bites using these aforementioned methods, hold press either food group button to use this feature. NOTE: This application is based on an “honesty” system. If you are not being honest with yourself about how much you eat, this application will not provide you with the benefits it was created for.