E- Business Card
Just a swipe to share!

Share your business card with people before a meeting or clients abroad. It is easy, simple, safe, stylish and clever and if you select from the available templates supplied it is also free to use.

* Data usage may be charged by your Service Provider. Please contact them for more information.

Easy to use, Safe to use, Clever, Trendy and a solution never runs out. This is a new remake of an old concept from the team of AP Solution to give a fresh meaning of using and sharing details on a business card with people local or abroad.

Try it now! It is free!

  • With the use of the E-Business Card you can share your info with others
  • It is Free to use*
  • It is Clever, Safe, Stylish
  • It is Simple to use and takes only seconds to Setup and Share your first business card Receive and share cards from others.