Our own developed application is a new way of looking at every day eating and exercising giving the daily food intake control to a playful environment simplifying the control moving away from complicated energy calculations and unpleasant restrictions.
Our application also puts great emphasis on exercising in the same game like environment rewarding users for each physical activity they perform regardless of the intensity of their exercises.

Bite'it app

The application offers a smart way to individuals or from small to large scale organisations to manage their information usually printed on conventional Business Cards. These E-Business Cards than can be shared with users of the E-Business Card application or alternatively forwarded via their preferred media (Message, Emails etc.) to other users. 
The E-Business Card concept takes the trouble out of changing information on existing cards and allows people to standardize their business information for all employees of their organisation for a fraction of the cost and with the convenience of controlling cards issued to individuals. 

E-Business Card

Task Manager is a new fresh look at the need for small to medium size businesses to manage their daily operations including people, work, business administration, finances and all other relevant information requires to run and control a successful business. AP Solution own concept developed throughout the past four years refining the functionalities to meet the need for any type of business.

Task Manager

Our Parking application targeting the mobile parking concept with a focus on making parking and Toll road ticket buying simple and convenient. We are not trying to benefit from charging extra on initiating parking through our application. We are utilizing current SMS concepts already in place to simplify starting a parking period and offering additional functionalities to make parking and Toll road ticketing even easier. The original concept originated from the Hungarian parking standards but the application is developed in a way can be adopted to any parking system with minimal rework requirement. Our application is free

AP Parking